Remember when the plot of OUAT did not revolve around a date but it had an actual plot with an actual story?

Yeah those were the days

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This hand is nothing but a lump of flesh, the only thing it did was give you permission, permission to be the man you really are, not some puppy dog chasing after the object of his affection but a ruthless pirate who will stop at nothing to get what he wants —



Rumple is my spirit animal.

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I love th fact that at first Supernatural had a total budget of 20.000 $. An what I love most is that you can tell just from the first opening.


It’s almost like it’s yelling: “LOOK HOW FUCKING CHEAP WE ARE! We probably won’t last more than two seasons!”

But guess what?


they did.

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#actual puppy sebastian stan

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Could you not just let me enjoy this moment of not knowing something? 
I mean it happens so rarely.

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me as i watch ship wars happen:



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4.13 / 5.02