LOL.  Bonus answer—


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- You’re right.
- I’m always right.

#oh my god i need so much for them to be happy together forever #why could we never have this ship? #why do so many people completely object to the idea #of this gorgeous self confident fat woman #who owns her sexuality and her nerdiness and takes shit from no one and possesses her brilliance full stop #ending up with this equally gorgeous incredibly built and charming black man #who is flawed and scarred but so strong #who is sexually powerful and adventurous and free #but loves this woman whole heartedly with every ounce of his soul #she is his god given solace #he finds peace and home in her #she finds strength and safety and comfort in him #but all i ever hear is ‘BUT THEIR FRIENDSHIP IS PERFECT WHY WOULD YOU MESS WITH THAT’ #’GOD WHY CAN NO ONE JUST LET A WOMAN AND A MAN BE PLATONIC IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE ROMANTIC’ #like jesus christ i never said anything about invalidating their incredible beautiful friendship #i friendship them to hell and back #but i ALSO would love to see them bone and move in together and get married and be sickeningly #in love and perfect for the rest of their lives together #i just sideeye the objections to them so much #because it often seems to come at least a little rooted from a place of #a) don’t put the black man and white woman together #b) don’t put the fat woman with the built conventionally beautiful man #and c) but why ship het when he can be shipped with a dude #and whatever that third one ship what you want #AND I WILL SHIP THIS UNTIL MY DEATHBED absentlyabbie)


(I sincerely thought it was canon, tbh.)

She’s fat and he’s hot. That’s why it didn’t happen.

But I thought it happened.

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Chris Pratt, Ladies and Gentlemen.


Why do adults think “So what’s your major? Oh, and what are you going to do with that?” is acceptable small talk

What am I going to do with my degree? Hang it on the wall and cry, probably

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white girls who want my culture’s bindis and saris and henna 

take my skin colour too

and my dark brown lips

take my self-hatred because i don’t fit into the euro-centric ideals of beauty

take the oppression too

take the history of colonization that has devastated my country

and the drones that currently devastate my country

take all the bad stuff too

not just the pretty, shiny, sparky bits

take the ugly, dehumanizing and shitty parts too



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If you have the ability to love, love yourself first. —Charles Bukowski (via mariannapaige)

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Fangirl Challenge: [18/30] Friendships » Scott McCall and Lydia Martin
"We knew one of them was gonna be important to you, and now we know it’s Lydia.”

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